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Africa is the youngest continent in the world with about 60% of its population under the age of 35. Nevertheless, despite the demographic dividends of a young and educated workforce, unemployment has remained a major challenge in Africa with close to 50% of all college and university graduates lacking access to sustainable employment.


Experts have said that youth entrepreneurship is one of the definitive steps in tackling the issue of unemployment on the continent. However, it is estimated that 90% of all African startups fail within 3 years.


Student Entrepreneurship Week is an initiative of SFAN (Stars From All Nations) established to help budding entrepreneurs access actionable, experiential knowledge and tools for building sustainable businesses. The event also creates platforms for: Showcasing undiscovered talents, quality networking, and funding.


The inaugural edition was held at British Council Accra with over 400 participants, with speakers coming from Silicon Valley, the U.K, Nigeria, and Ghana. This Pan-African edition is organized on the theme “unlocking the potentials of young Africans for job creation.” As you learn how to create a real company and build a career, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors, startup entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, diplomats, and community leaders who are ready to help you get started! This is where you belong, start your application now 🎉


For whom? Students, recent grads and early-stage startups are invited to apply!

SEWAfrica supports the SDGs: